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Project details

The real estate developer of the project
Master builder MBG real estate development company
The project Location
It is located in the MU 23 area which is in the middle of the residential neighborhood R2 and R3
The project area
3500 square meters
The installment system in the project
10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years

Project information

River Green new capital is an integrated investment project developed at the highest level of luxury and sophistication, it was developed for successful investments only, now do not hesitate and own your medical unit in the river green project.

The river green new administrative capital project has been developed in the most important locations of the capital, it is located near its most important landmarks, and it has also been constructed on a large area that can contain many diverse units, with which many distinctive services and facilities are available.

Master builder real estate development company has established the river green new administrative capital project and provided it with various units designed in a high style, and it also provided these units with unbeatable ideal prices as well as flexible and affordable payment systems.


What is the address River green New capital ؟

The most important thing that distinguishes medical projects is their geographical location, and this is characterized by the river green project, the new administrative capital, as it is located in the Mu 23 area, which is located in the middle of the residential neighborhood R2 and R3 with the highest population density.

In order to serve them and the rest of the capital's residents, river green overlooks directly on the axis of hope, and is located near the most famous and most important investment and commercial projects in the heart of the administrative capital as follows:

  • River Green New Capital is less than 10 minutes ' walk from the downtown area.
  • The project is about 25 minutes away from New Cairo by car.
  • The mall is located near the Sports City and the Smart City, the most important international universities in the capital.
  • River Green is about half an hour away from Cairo International Airport.
  • The River Green project is located in front of the Green River and the hope axis.
  • The project overlooks the iconic Tower, the tallest tower in Africa and 20 skyscrapers.

How much is the area of the river green new administrative capital project

One of the most important features of this project is that it was built on an area of 3500 square meters, and that area was divided in an organized and coordinated manner, where 30% of the area was built for buildings and facilities, and the remaining space was left for green spaces in a coordinated manner.

The Green River has been divided from the inside into floors, the first and ground floor are commercial units, cafes and many different shops, the second and third floors are integrated therapeutic hotels consisting of rooms, swimming pools, meeting rooms and the rest of the floors are divided into different clinics for all specialties and analyzes.


What are the types of units and their areas in River Green, the new administrative capital

Master builder real estate development company has provided many diverse units in its new medical project and the diversity of these units was a big reason for the excellence of the project, which facilitates the choice for customers in obtaining their desired units and constructing their activity in them, and these units are as follows:

  • The first and ground floor includes: - commercial units, shops and cafes to serve the rest of the project roles
  • The second and third floors: it houses a hotel for medical tourism and offers distinctive services such as gym, spa, swimming pool, club room, Jacuzzi, smoking area and meeting rooms.
  • The rest of the roles vary between clinics, laboratories, radiology centers, analysis laboratories, and more

The spaces within the river green project of the new administrative capital are also varied as follows:

  1. The spaces start from 23, 34, 40, 44, 50 and 80 meters for the clinic.
  2. And medical centers start from 160 meters to 1400 meters.


What are the services of the New River Green administrative capital project

The services provided by Master Builder real estate company in its medical Project River green New capital are one of the most important features of the mall, they are exclusive services that meet all the needs of the mall's customers and visitors, they are divided between basic services and entertainment services to ensure maximum well-being, and the services include the following:

  • The river green new administrative capital project includes smart building systems that work with electricity, fire fighting, air conditioning, and lighting.
  • A large percentage of the total area of the river green project of the new administrative capital includes many green spaces and a landscape for Environmental Conservation.
  • The River green New capital Mall has entrances and elevators for doctors, and other elevators that have been designated for patients.
  • River Green Mall, the new administrative capital, has an exclusive service for the first time, which is an online application for the Center for patient bookings.
  • The river green new administrative capital project is characterized by containing a special medical journal of the River Green Medical Center.
  • River green New capital is provided with a reception desk, and the call center service, two services that are offered at the highest level.
  • The new administrative capital River Green Center features an IT Center, a central Wi-Fi Internet.
  • Special sterilization and disinfection systems are available in the river green mall capital project for all units within the Medical Center.
  • The river green project of the new administrative capital contains an Access Card for doctors.
  • Special meeting rooms are provided at River Green to ensure more than tranquility and Privacy.
  • The river green new administrative capital project has a dedicated VIP and VIP lounge.
  • The River green New capital Medical Center has electric elevators designed at the highest level.
  • River Green Mall, the new administrative capital, features a corner dedicated to medical tourism, including a spa, gym, swimming pool, restaurant, smoking area, and meeting rooms.
  • The river green new administrative capital project includes a variety of cafes, restaurants and commercial units.
  • Security and guarding service is available on a daily basis, 24 hours a day, and surveillance cameras surround the mall to ensure safety and security for mall customers.


What are the prices of River Green Mall, the administrative capital

Prices have been provided for various units that are characterized by the diversity of their space in the River green New capital Mall, which is one of the best prices for investment units in Administrative and commercial real estate in the new capital In Egypt, I collect them all.

As these prices are characterized by being affordable prices offered by Master Builder real estate development company in order to facilitate the process of River Green new administrative capital units for its customers, they are prices that are difficult to compete compared to the distinguished services and many other advantages enjoyed by the mall.


What are the payment systems for a project River green New capital؟

Master builder real estate company will not stop impressing its customers, as it will not be content to provide features in its river green project, the new administrative capital, but it has provided many payment and installment systems for the units available within the project, and these systems are characterized by being flexible and affordable that contribute customers to obtaining their units simply, and the payment and payment system:

  • The unit reservation deposit of 10% of the total unit price will be paid and the remaining amount will be paid over a period of 7 years.


Who is the real estate developer of river green administrative capital project

The new administrative capital river green project was established by the well-known and most famous real estate development company Master Builder through its previous works, and another international company, Capital Construction Company, is participating in that project.

Capital Construction Company is one of the largest companies established in 2007, and has many investments in the field of real estate, both in Egypt and in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and works to provide luxury and sophistication in the real estate world. And provide a new and different life away from busy cities

Master Builder is interested in providing meaningful projects characterized by luxury, such as medical projects at the highest level, commercial or residential projects in their new form, drawing attention to their greatness.

This is because the person in charge of the company is the one who makes innovations in the field of architecture, and here we mean Dr. Mahmoud al-Adl, who added to the company a lot of prosperous history full of achievements in the real estate market.

The CEO of Master Builder, Mr. Mahmoud al-Adl, is credited with inventing new and interesting ideas in the architectural field, and most of these achievements are the idea of a medical center complex, which is the first time such projects have been erected in the Delta.

Mr. Mahmoud has held many positions, including the chairman of the committee, and also served as a member of the board of Directors of the Egyptian Handball Federation, and the developer company owns many amazing real estate projects that are as follows:

  • The company has completed the Elite Medical Center project, in Mansoura
  • The company was interested in participating in the completion of some educational works, including the Nile academic project
  • The company has participated in some of the most important and famous commercial projects ever, such as Al Safa mall
  • As for the medical side, the company has jointly completed the project of Dar Al-Safa hospital, Ceyhan Medical Center.
  • Sunset compound in Ras Al Ber city
  • The Alula City project in Mansoura has been completed
  • One of the most famous achievements of the company is the liberation Tower

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Master builder real estate development company
It is located in the MU 23 area which is in the middle of the residential neighborhood R2 and R3
3500 square meters

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